About us

When the first man stretched out a tentative hand to touch a fossilized stone, a petrified log or a daub of terra, the first impression was made.

Around the object of expression grew the print tradition. And to the tradition man brought his best gifts: the work of his hands in arts and crafts, the ingenious of his mind in techniques, the harmony of communities in sharing.

What we do?

Wabisabi Project explores and harvests these gifts in hand block printing tradition in all natural dyes.

Our mission is to inspire consumers to value and appreciate the genuineness of collective discoveries, as manifested in our products.

How we do it?

By finding and re-cultivating the seeds of collective wisdom.

We rely on the age-old process of good conversations. With in-house design and product development, Wabisabi congregates traditional artisans’ knowledge, designers and on-ground researchers to have dialogues. As we talk together, we are able to then create products that resonate the shared history of the tradition.

…and, finally, who are we?

We are lovers of beauty in imperfection.